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Explainers are no longer a “nice-to-have” piece of content. They're a critical content marketing tool that allows you to provide important information in a short amount of time while also leaving a lasting impact. They can be used to transmit a number of messages from a marketing standpoint.

Aside from sales, explainer videos may be a terrific method to convey your company's culture to potential workers and customers. Explainer videos are a smart approach to develop trust and credibility with the individuals you want to reach, no matter how you utilise them in your business.

The Power of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are powerful. They benefit both your company and your viewers in a variety of ways.

Would you rather watch a 2-minute video or listen to a 20-minute presentation? The answer is obvious.

Video allows you to communicate more in less time, which is beneficial to your audience.

It positions your brand as a helpful buddy from the start, establishing a positive relationship.

Explainer videos save your time, energy, and other internal resources as they require one time effort. They also reduce the number of user errors that might detract from the overall experience.

Video is an excellent tool for eliciting strong emotions through voice over, music, and engaging visuals.

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Solid ROI

Video is one of the most underappreciated elements in a content marketer's toolbox, yet it may aid your content marketing strategy in a variety of ways.

You can extend the longevity and reach of your explainer video by publishing it online. Anyone with access to the internet can locate it, and viewers can share it with others.

Video converts strangers into potential consumers. According to Moz, video postings receive 3X more inbound links than text-only posts.

According to Wyzol, video has boosted the average time spent on a page by 81% of marketers.

Explainer videos are usually either Live-Action, Animated, Mixed, Screen Capture, or Digital Videos. Learn more about the differences between explainer videos, animated infographics, motion graphics, and viral videos here.

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Advantages of Video Ads

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