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10 Reasons to Use Video for Employee Training and Development

Employees are the assets for any firm. They stay longer at a particular company only when the company offers them better training and invests in their growth. It is a symbiotic relationship. An innovative crew of employees makes the company extraordinary. And in today's highly competitive sphere, going in search of top talents and hiring resourceful staff seems to be a tough job. To attain this, a company has to train its workers to be perfect for its job.

Only a great team of professionals can make your company unique in all senses and fix you apart from all the others in this maturing and thriving industry. Companies should be thanking modern-day technology which has equipped them with creative videos for their training and development programs. Videos have made their advancement program a lot easier.

Every employee’s comprehending style is different, from optical to aural, linguistic, biological or logical learning approaches. But there’s this one type of learning that benefits most learners, and that is practical learning, which includes video sessions. Practical learning enables the employees to learn sharp adaptations, required to handle challenges and make strategies for upcoming projects and give out the best results.


Here are some advantages of learning with videos:

Improved skillsets:

Analyses have exhibited that the practice of brief video clips allows for more productive and profitable processing. It enhances the skills of recollection and remembrance of the memory as pictorial things are captured in our minds quickly and more effectively. Video sessions formulate new learning policies and proposals that meet business needs. They also analyse administrative as well as personal employee development desires.

Heightens your understanding:

The pictorial and acoustical nature of videos interests a wide employee audience and enables each user to refine knowledge in a way that’s natural to them. Videos are the best educators or mentors any employee can dream to have.

Builds a deeper influence:

A video encourages alignment of understanding and improvement departments to obtain company goals. Employees will only understand the given project if they will get proper training. Providing them with innovative video content will help them build a deeper influence. It will help to get the best out of them and keep them motivated. Now wonder that video content plays a key role in various industries clearly illustrate how things work.

Helps better comprehension and retention

The major part of a human brain is dedicated to filtering visual information faster than text or any other kind of learning material. Recalling stuff from an image is retained in the mind for a lengthier time. Through video, employees get to process the provided information fast.

Increased engagement and interaction

Ever since visual media was formulated, videos have been at the top of everyone’s consumption of entertainment. People just admire videos better. It has been seen and noted that most of the employees are more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles.

So, companies have to engage their workers with interesting video training programmes which can be viewed by them effortlessly. Watching visual graphics is much more effortless than reading, and this also engages your employees' attention to more extent.

Provides versatility

Training employees by using videos is said to be a universal medium. At the same time, you have plenty of options to make the particular video. For example, you can use animation. Stop-motion can act as a wonderful alternative, live-action can also be used.

In a nutshell, there are diverse methods to train your employees and convey your information equally effectively across teams. Here are some topics for video making to train your employees and for their better development

  1. For instructing about new commodities and services

  2. By giving demo classes via videos about a new system or software

  3. Making your employees understand their new positions and providing them knowledge about your specific organization/firm/company.

  4. Constant skilled growth

  5. Enhancing consumer assistance skills

  6. Making a gripping video for employee training and development programme.

Over the period, the company will create a strong archive of pictorial/ video resources for referral purposes.

Ensures accountability

Imagine a situation where you do not have video content for your staff. You hand all of your employees a handwritten document to read. You will never get to know if all the employees read it.

Giving them video subjects to watch teaches them the quality of accountability and responsibility. It is easy for you to track if they are watching the content by getting the number of views on a particular video the company has put so much effort to make.

Breaks down information in small pieces

If anyone missed a point or doesn’t understand the given data, he can go back and view it again! In visual teaching, complicated and detailed information can be made into short video clips with headings and subheads. This way, innovative ideas can be simplified.

An enthusiastic explainer video can make complicated and dry topics easier and clear with the help of some fascinating illustrations. The video splits the information into small steps. With usage of icons and animation in the videos, sometimes there is also no need of audio in the background. Some soothing music also works while the video is playing, because that music is enough to keep the concentration of the viewer.

Easy onboarding

To achieve ease at onboarding, there are several ways which can help your company, such as:

  1. Obtain, trace, and manage forms

  2. Deliver proper teachings for first tasks and projects via video lecturing

  3. Grant them entry to software reports, to make them responsible

  4. Assign and track training

  5. Provide information about organizational structure through short video clips


If you are asked to train a larger group of employees, so they might miss something, and not everyone is pleased to stop the educator to ask them repeat something. This results in crucial information being missed and the training becomes a waste. With video displaying, all of these problems can be solved easily.

Majin Films has been providing end-to-end video solutions for various industries for the past 12 years. We create videos as well as provide consultation on the right kind of video for your business goals and target audience. Give us a shoutout if you need any help in this area.

Have a look at its huge video portfolio.

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