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Do you wish more people see your Video? Answer this 14 Questions Before Creating a Video.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

As we all know a video is a very powerful tool in today’s digital world. But like any other tool, we need to understand the purpose, target audience, and call for action of Video, to be effective. For example, we can’t use a knife to hammer a nail in-wall or even use a hammer to cut vegetables, same as we can’t use trains to travel in the sea or a boat to travel in the air. Similarly, there are different types of videos like corporate videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, advertising videos, product videos, training videos etc. Each type includes its own advantage and used to cater to a unique segment of audiences. What needs to be communicated is a key question and if it’s not well defined at the very early stage then it can drastically make ROI fall down.

A complete analysis of the purpose, audience’s psychology and well-defined Call for action plays a crucial role in delivering a cutting-edge video which will definitely help you in achieving your goal or getting it right the first time. Asking questions should be common practice before starting the video production. This further helps us in exploring the requirements of the client in providing them with an innovative solution.

At Majin Films, we strive to walk one step ahead to the client’s expectation to come up with an incredible video that can easily engage a targeted segment of the audience and generate more ROI. To create a more centralized visual story as per your brand values, it is necessary to absorb the key information before suggesting a video.

Following are the 14 key queries that we ask the customers before creating any kind of video…

1. What you want to achieve by this video

  • Train and Educate

  • To attract new clients and increase the lead generation

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Going viral

  • For corporate social responsibility

  • For product or services launching

2. Your target audiences or potential clients

  • To whom you wish to show this video

  • Why the video will be watched

3. Will the video be used for a larger presentation or became a stand-alone?

  • Use in presentation

  • Big conferences

  • Trade fairs

  • Along with Brochure

4. The final destination of the videos/the platform where it will be seen or hosted

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Website

  • Social media sites (Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace)

  • Tradeshows

  • On your video platform on the internet

  • As a link with email

5. What you expect by audience after going through the video. (Call to action)

  • Visit your homepage

  • Fill out a form

  • Make a call

  • Share with friends

  • Add or share the video to social sites

  • Click a buy button

  • Download whitepapers

  • Carry out a task (i.e. download or install something)

6. Illustrate the content:

  • Ask for a description of content or any specific messages you want to convey

  • Any metaphors that you want to use

  • Any analogies

  • Don’t willing to use words

  • Wish to use images for video storytelling

7. What duration you want for your video

8. Share the style and format that you think suitable for your video

  • Reconstruction of any drama or role-play – A fact or fiction played by actors

  • Elevator pitch/Product trailer – 1-2 minute short video

  • Motion graphics –Animations with Narration voiceover, text, and images

  • Cartoon/ Animation

  • Client’s testimonial

  • Presentation of a Corporate Executive

  • Documentary –A visual storytelling

  • Lectures – Visuals, with a presenter or narrator

  • TV Magazine –Section-wise information provided by the presenter in a lively and informal style

  • News –information on a variety of topics, in a prescribed style

9. Explain the full “tone” of the video?

  • Persuasive

  • Informative

  • High Energy/Medium Energy/Low Energy

10. Required production element

  • Talent (for professional presenters, role plays, reconstructions, etc.)

  • Clients for testimonial

  • Graphics like bullet-points, charts, diagrams, etc.

  • Music

  • RequiredImages with 2D and 3D images

  • Animation

  • On-screen presenter

  • Voice-over narration

  • Corporate executives & officers like VP, CEO, or Director)

11. Do you have any sample video for reference?

12. What would be the timeline of development

  • The starting time of planning and scripting

  • Clear deadline date to finish the video

13. What is your range of investment in video?

  • Unlimited

  • Guess

14. The key purpose of the video?

Once we go through the information, you will be provided with a clear picture of your video. Further, if you seek any guidance for any video or movie, feel free to contact us.

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