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5 reasons why video’s, a scientifically perfect tool for any business

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

While you are watching a business video, you hardly realize that it has cast a spell on you, until it finally makes you comply with the call to action. And this compliance is a result of the numerous chemical reactions it sets in your brain and then in your entire system. The animations in the video start infecting you right from the moment they hit your retina.

Video content is several times powerful than text. It is always the most effective way to connect with your target audience. If the words “chemical reaction” has triggered curiosity in you about how exactly a video has such an overpowering effect on your mind, here is a detailed scientific account of what happens. A psychologist may be able to tell you better what precise chemicals get released and how they work.

Here I will just elaborate on how the entire process helps in effectively marketing a product.

1. Lesser processing of non-visual info

Your eyeballs have an expressway info transmission system to your brain cells as 40% of their nerve fibres are linked to the retina. Therefore, 90% of the information that your brain receives is through visuals. Lesser processing of non-visual info also goes on to explain why over 50% of people are visual learners.

Now, if that is the case, an explainer video is perfect to take your message to the majority of the target audience, isn’t it?

2. Visuals’ advantage over text

Every human has a separate aptitude for longer memory, which has a tendency to store visuals seen by the person. This is an advantage for a business video, as it stays in the viewers’ memory for a considerably long time.

Today’s customer is aware. He evaluates and judges you against several options before hiring services. A quick video on your homepage crisply telling about your capabilities and achievements will catch his attention instantly. Trust me, a corporate is a clever way to stand out in the crowd of marketers. It definitely leaves an impact which is much deeper than the written word.

3. Video can pack more content than written text

What adds real value to this aptitude of longer memory is the fact that the processing of visuals is thousands of times faster than text in the human brain. Your viewer’s brain can take way more visuals than the amount of text it can take. Therefore, pack a lot of content in a small video and be sure of creating a mighty impression on the viewer’s mind. However, it goes without saying that the content you squeeze into your explainer video needs to be an effortless watch and easy to understand.

4. With visuals, you can touch the viewer’s heart

Even if your viewer can process visuals faster, you might wonder, how does that help you in connecting with them? Well, the part of the brain – the medial temporal lobe -- where the visual memory is encoded is also responsible for a person’s emotional processing. So you see, even if the viewer’s brain is processing at such high speed, the story your video tells is striking an emotional chord.

5. A video simplifies a topic, thus captivates the viewer

While watching a 60-second explainer video, packed with meaningful content, the viewer willingly connects some of the unexplained dots, such as an off-topic graphics. This way the video keeps him from getting distracted from the message. But to expect that attention from a viewer, the images you use must also be relevant so that hardly any work is left for him.

A brand can touch the customer’s heart with a video. Not just on the home page, but a video can be used with unbelievable impact throughout a customer’s shopping journey.

Have you started thinking of making a video yet?

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