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6 Reasons Why YouTube Thumbnails are Important for Traffic

It's easy for your video to get lost in the vast YouTube universe, but luckily, there are a few simple and effective strategies to generate unique organic traffic for your videos. Choosing a thumbnail is one of the strategies to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. Let's look at 6 reasons why YouTube Thumbnails are important for traffic!

Reason 1:

Viewers will be able to recognise your videos by your thumbnails messages. In order for the thumbnail to be recognised by the viewers, it must visually connect your brand to their requirements. The thumbnail must communicate a valuable message to get clicked.

Reason 2:

Thumbnails establishes a strong brand picture in the minds of your audience.

The importance of branding in visual marketing cannot be overstated. You must keep your content constant to stay on track. If you keep your thumbnail style similar throughout your channel, your viewers will be able to recognise your videos more readily, increasing your loyal viewership. It will increase the number of loyal viewers and boost your search engine results as well.

Reason 3:

A good thumbnail will help you stand out from the crowd.

Creating a thumbnail that sticks out from the crowd should be your goal if you want success on YouTube. You must be able to grab the attention of your viewers from the content flooding their feed every day.

Reason 4:

More people click on thumbnails with text and numbers than on thumbnails with mere images.

Text and numbers on the thumbnail give certainty to the viewers what they are going to get out of the video. There is a sense of guaranteed value in using such thumbnails. This is also because the human brain is wired to pause and read when it encounters text.

Reason 5:

Despite ranking high in search results, you might not receive clicks if there are no visuals. This is the reason why thumbnails are important for getting clicks on videos. Your thumbnail is a crucial component of the overall optimization. Create eye-catching thumbnails that will attract more visitors to your videos and will get you more clicks than you've imagined.

Reason 6:

Video thumbnails allow viewers to get a glimpse of your content. After your video has finished uploading, you can choose from three thumbnail options provided by YouTube or add your own. To make a creative thumbnail, you don't need to be a professional graphic designer. You can even make use of Canva (A free graphic designing tool) and select a customized template to make the thumbnail.

Just like packaging is important while selling a product, the thumbnail of a video is as important as it's content. It is the only reason why viewers will click on your video and watch the content.

Even before reading the title, viewers glance at the thumbnail of the video and decide if it's relevant enough for them to spend their time on it.

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