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A step-by-step guide to running a micro-influencer marketing campaign

Here is a brief step-by-step guide on launching your micro-influencer marketing campaign for your brand. Let's get started.

Planning and strategizing ahead

The first step is all about deciding the goals and metrics of your plan. Start by choosing one (or multiple) social media platforms to kickstart your micro-influencer marketing campaign. Analyse various stats, like the number of posts, types of posts, your marketing idea, etc. Finalise your budget and the target audience. Then start creating brand awareness and work towards increasing engagement for it.

Find suitable micro-influencers

The next step is all about finding the perfect micro-influencer for your brand. The 3 common ways to find a suitable micro-influencer would be:

  • Manual search, using your niche/area-related words

  • Finding them through your followers’ list (just type the keyword)

  • And, hiring a professional for the job.

Now that you have found a list of micro-influencers for your campaign, there are certainly other factors you will have to consider before selecting a few of them. Find out these things about the micro-influencer:

  • The number of followers they have

  • Are they suitable enough for your brand

  • How often do they post and insights

  • Their engagement level

  • Have they done influencer marketing before

Reach out to your target market influencers

Now it’s time to finally reach out to the influencers you want to work with. While you can simply send them a DM or a direct message, emailing would appear more professional. First, send them a formal invitation to your influencer marketing campaign. When they accept it, reach out to them with your proposal, quote the number of posts and price. Remember to be honest and precise. When they agree, welcome them on board.

Coordinate the campaign

Finally, you have everything now, rollout your campaign. It's time to do the business, discuss the following details with your micro-influencer.

Let them know about your brand goals. Give them a bunch of guidelines regarding timing and the kind of content to remain coherent. Tell them about any specific requirements that you might have. Also discuss the compensation part respectfully to avoid any issues later.

Measure the results

Once your whole campaign has started to finish, it is time to analyse the results.

Remember, I asked you to set your plan, stats, and metrics? Well, this is where it all comes in handy. Collect the required data from your micro-influencers too. Analyse your results. Check the difference between them and the desired ones you set earlier. Find out which influencer drove the highest sales. Or which influencer was a good choice overall. Find out about the audience's reaction and keep that in mind for the next time.

What is it that you did wrong in the campaign or what is it that worked too well? Find all the similar details for your next campaigns. Also, prepare a good sheet of all the important points for the next campaign.

Remember to also conclude with the micro-influencer by thanking him/her formally.

Follow the above steps to launch your marketing campaign with micro-influencers.

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