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The secret sauce to more YouTube views and subscribers ---YouTube Watch Time

Wondering how to make your channel a huge success? Take a peek into your watch time!! Let it spill the beans and embark you on a journey to surplus viewers and subscribers.

The number of minutes a video is watched constitutes the watch time. YouTube watch time is an aspect that plays a key role in deciding the success of your channel. A video with higher watch time has better chances of appearing in the search results and recommendations.

Analysing the watch time highlights the parts that your viewers loved or the parts that made them leave. The insights can be used to improve your following videos.

Watch time status

The watch time is a primary metric that needs to be analysed regularly for the success of the channel. You can monitor your channel’s watch time through YouTube Analytics. The average view duration box under the ‘Interest Viewers’ tab will show you an average of how long your videos are watched.

However, this doesn’t give an individual analysis of the videos. For individual video analysis, you will have to check the audience retention factor of each video.

A 100% audience retention is difficult to achieve so a benchmark of 50% is to be targeted. There is also a provision for you to see the peaks and dips in the viewers.

The reasons for the dips can be analysed and taken care of in the following videos.

Don’t Create Long Videos for the Sake of it

One of the easy ways to increase the watch time is to create long videos. Consider a scenario where Video 1 and Video 2 of 3 minutes and 6 minutes respectively are uploaded. Assume the audience retention for both the videos is the same 50%. If a total of 1000 people watch both the videos, the watch time for Video 1 will be 1500 minutes while the watch time for video 2 will be 3000 minutes.

Monotonous and repetitive content makes the viewers drop off, and if this happens, it doesn’t matter how long a video you have created, it doesn’t serve the purpose.

The audience has to be retained throughout the video for the watch time to count. Therefore, in a bid to increase your watch time, do not end up creating long videos unnecessarily. Viewers want to spend their time efficiently and a disservice will leave them disappointed and an eventual loss of viewers.

Time is the currency of YouTube and the best way to encash it is by retaining the audience. Quality content is the key to keeping your viewers engaged till the end.

Keep your content refreshing and interesting. This will make the viewers come back for more!

Want To Get More YouTube watch time?

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