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Types of Instagram videos in 2022 to promote your small business

If you are keeping up with the market then you know how important videos are now. And how important it has become for marketers to understand and implement this in their marketing strategy. Especially Instagram videos, which are currently ruling the market.

Instagram is one of the seven top most viewed websites in the world with over 2.9 billion visits per month, of course, which clearly states that videos here are going to do the magic.

More than 85% of the businesses plan to make a good video marketing strategy and even small businesses can do the same because of the efficiency and easy accessibility of Instagram videos.

And to make better Instagram video marketing strategies for our small business, we first need to understand the types of these videos.

Following are the types of videos you can make on Instagram to promote your small business.

  1. Stories

  2. Reels

  3. Feed videos (Including IGTV videos)

  4. Live

  5. Advertisements

All the video types that we have mentioned will help you achieve a different goal, so let's dive in and understand more about each of these.


Stories are one of the most binge-able pieces of content on the planet. And what makes stories even more exciting is how simple they are. This is the type of Instagram content (not even Instagram video content) that requires the least amount of stress or planning.

A video here can be of up to 15 seconds long. You can add multiple stories at any time and can later also use them as highlights. Most influencers post at least 6-7 stories each day.

And you know what makes stories even more interesting and important is that they still follow the chronological order, which simply gives us an effortless opportunity to grab. Post stories at regular intervals to enhance your consistency and presence on the platform.

For example, posting a story after every 3-4 hours, and since they still are in chronological order, your handle and stories will automatically be visible to the consumers when they open their Instagram profile feed.

And increased visibility implies increased engagement with your content.


We mentioned earlier how videos are topping the content these days. Well, reels are topping those videos. Inspired by ticktock reels were launched in August 2020 and ever since then, it has impacted the whole marketing game in an all-new way. So much so that even the top streaming platform Netflix had to come up with a similar kind of video option, i.e.; fast laughs on their platform.

You can make a 5-60 second reel video. Though it's always advisable to make it of around 20 seconds because that way you will be able to generate more views on it. Which ultimately means more people engaging with it and with your account.

You won't believe how many people monetized themselves solely based on reels. And of course, numerous small businesses bloomed because of this short video format.

If you a look at Instagram insights, you will find how the reach of reels on Instagram currently is at least twice of any other kind of post.

Just like how Panchatatwa candles and Thriftiness expanded their business using reels.

Infeed video (Including IGTV videos)

Recently Instagram has invigorated infeed videos by combining IGTV videos in it. Possibly for lesser confusion and a better user interface. You can post a video up to 10 min long and for verified accounts, you can post a 60-minute video.

Since it’s a long-form video option it allows you to provide a comprehensive analysis, or talk in detail about the various specifications of your product service.

The established business handles often use this to talk in detail about their product/ service, give a behind scenes, or even conduct interviews. Since it's so versatile, more than 70% of business profiles use it in their strategy.

IGTV or Instagram TV is for creators to make longer, in-depth videos about themselves or their brand. Perhaps to give competition to YouTube, Instagram made IGTV where creators are the channels. Your handle becomes a channel and hence you can easily publish long-form videos there. And these videos can be anything according to your brand’s choice.

Instagram live

Instagram Live is a wonderful way for live interaction with your audience and presenting a more human side of your business. Not only that but live videos appear even before stories in the feed, which increases your visibility for people while they are online.

Plan your live streams, inform people about it and mention the topic you will be discussing in the live, whether it’s a Q&A a product launch, or an interview. Don’t get intimidated by the live feature, use it occasionally and you will be fine.

Instagram video ads

Instagram video advertisements are videos you create to bring a paid real impact with insights to study during or later. Present your product/service in a never-shown before manner, create a storyline. Add texts, graphics and make every second count.

Instagram through this feature will help you to market your product/service on the page and to the target audience of your choice. Creating a win situation for you at a nominal price.

While the reels bring in potential customers, feed videos help them understand your product/service in a better more comprehensive way. Stories help you to maintain a constant engagement with your clients and Instagram live helps them with live interaction. Every video option does business for us, so we will advise you to go draft a content strategy that is a perfect mix for your brand and its growth. More than 1 billion people are creating videos each day on Instagram, and now it's your turn.

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