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Video testimonials, the modern - word of mouth publicity

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Luring away customers, who are other brands’ loyals, is tough. But succeed you must. You need to gain a new set of customers regularly for steady growth of your business. But then customers today know better than taking cold self-promotion anymore. Shouting out your product features to prove their superiority over your competitors’ is a cliché that potential customers no more find impressive enough.

This is why testimonials and reviews gain so much of importance in a business marketing plan. Any company that is successfully gaining presence in the online market, has realized the significance of genuine, and not managed, testimonials for their sites.

The significance of video testimonials

A video becomes a popular choice for testimonials for obvious reasons. Here, the testifier is directly talking to the person seeking the review. It is more real, as it immediately establishes the authenticity of the customer giving the review, as opposed to a written testimonial which can be written by anyone. Also, a latest study shows 20% more traffic to the buying carts through video testimonials.

An honest review, as stated above, is key to building up authenticity of your brand. So you must let your customers know that their testimonials will be valued and displayed without bias no matter what they say about the product or the brand, positive or negative.

Here are the most common concerns of businesses who are learning to use video testimonials to effectively lure buyers.

Selection of customer

To get the most glowing review for your product, which is also honest, you need customers who are completely pleased with the whole experience they had while buying a product from your company. They are the most apt ones for a genuine video. You can’t guarantee yourself a positive testimonial from customers, even if they got a prompt service and their problems if any, got solved in a jiffy.

Script or spontaneous?

Scripting will cancel your effort to select the right customer for the testimonial. It will look staged. The solution is to give the right direction to their spontaneity by letting them know what features of a particular product his viewers are seeking information on, as well as what aspects of the customer experience matter to you most as a marketer and seller.


Short is sweet, always, though there is no particular rule. A quick video testimonial matches the pace of today’s impatient, mobile wielding customer. A crisp video tells the watcher everything about the product effectively before he loses interest and clicks out.


The keys to deciding the background scene for a video testimonial is aptness and sobriety. Though you want to make it relevant to the brand and product, it can’t be loudand taking away attention from the speaker. If you are taking this seriously, then make sure to use a good director who is capable of striking the right balance between the person giving the testimonial and the display of the product.


Thousands of customers are looking for newer product experiences daily and for that they depend on their fellow net surfers for a review. If they follow the reviews on a site and it turns out to be true in their experience, then they are hooked with that site forever. The NPCI’s new money transfer app BHIM, for instance, got its millions of downloads from the nearly 90,000 reviews it got within less than a couple of month of its launch. The Amazon review feature has always been a great example of this. Your brand too can turn out to be exemplary with the right use of testimonials.

Majin Films has collaborated with several businesses to create captivating video testimonials for their products and brands. To see what we do, you will have to experience what we do.

Contact Majin Films today, and let’s dwell on the various possibilities of using video testimonials to attract higher sales for your business.

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