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What is a Video Marketing campaign??

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Nowadays, video marketing is trending all over the market. With Video marketing, come many questions regarding “how to make useful video” to your mind. So, in the blog, we will discuss what is video marketing and the key points to make a video marketing campaign.

In simple terms, Video marketing refers to customize the video to promote the brand in the market via online channels i.e. social media channels like WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Marketing done through video can create a good repo with the viewer who is watching the video. Viewers find videos more attractive than reading plain text. Video marketing can be used for communicating with customers, influencing their behavior, promoting your brand name, explaining the use of products, live-stream events, and parties that go viral all over the world. Also during the pandemic, people who are unemployed have started their careers in video making on online platforms. These micro-influencers can help us to reach out to our targeted audience.

If we see the exterior side of video marketing, it’s simple. You have a brand product that will create a video form, and indirectly it will build up your company name, brings recognition to your product by customer engagement towards your product, in turn, you are left with high profit. – Satish can create infographics for the same. Whereas in reality, video marketing is data-driven, so it will require a watchdog that can look at multiple metrics and handle customer engagement.

So here are 8 key points for a lucrative video marketing campaign:

1. Have a Clear Vision for the Video:

Before starting video marketing, one should be clear about what he/she wants to achieve, what will be content to the video, who will be your targeted audience, the purpose of your video like do you want to advertise your brand product, want to provide training to your audience. Every starter should first ask “Why I’m making the video” rather than jumping on “How to create video”. By answering this question, you can find the reason behind starting a video marketing campaign. We have created a detailed blog on this topic, click here to view.

2. Video Should be Storyteller:

It is said “Seeing a picture says Thousands of words” so just imagine how effective would be a 2-minute video over a 2-page document. Boring information can be made fun-loving with the help of storytelling. Every story should have a good start to hook the audience, building up pressure or suspense towards the middle with some failure of the character/product and strategically win at the end.

3. Make it simple:

Don’t make videos so complex or lengthy where customers are bored to watch the video. Bombarding lots of complicated information can frustrate the audience and they may visit another page to find the solution. Nowadays, the preferred length of the video is between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The first 10 seconds should be informative and engaging. We have analyzed that on YouTube if the audience watches the video for initial 10-15 seconds, they will watch the complete video.

4. Optimizing the video according to social media platforms:

We should not use a single video for every platform because every platform has its preferred style.

For example, Twitter allows 2 minutes 20 seconds of video in its space. Also, Youtube allows 9 minutes and 28 seconds of video in its space. Whereas Facebook allows 3 minutes of video in its space. On Instagram, square videos look better (Recommended dimension of the video is 864*1080 pixels with a ratio of 4:5) whereas rectangular videos look better on YouTube. (Recommended dimension of the video is 2560*1440 pixel). Facebook landscape and square is a better choice (dimension of video is1200*628 pixels). So it is better to customize the original video to suit different platforms.

5. Videos should be mobile-friendly:

We’re all walking around with phones semi-glued to our hands, so it only makes sense that mobile usage has been increasing at a rate fast enough that it has surpassed desktop usage. Right now, mobile users are watching more videos than desktop users. Also worth noting: while mobile viewers account for more video traffic, desktop traffic stays on your video longer. This is a good reminder that the desktop is not obsolete and that you need to be optimizing your videos for both.

6. Focus on the keywords for better SEO:

There are a plethora of methods to use for bringing video on the top of search engines. The foremost thing to determine maximum SEO is to host on your domain before uploading the video files. The tag you create should be precise. For instance, your first tag can be the name of the company, the secondary tag can be broader that explains about company’s nature and products. Tags and keywords should be placed in view of the customer’s thinking.

7. Make sure Video is effective without sound:

Users are busy scrolling the content in the social platform whether it is Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. Users watch the video for the first five-second without sound and if they like, they increase the sound. So the start of the video should be eye-catching that users are forced to see the video even though there’s no sound and they can understand the story. It is essential to make sure that muted video also conveys the message to the audience and satisfies them.

8. In the end, Call-to-action:

Make sure to end your video with a call-to-action where users are engaged in some activity or action provided by you in your video. Without allowing action in your video, users will be confused about what to do next. In the last few minutes maker should involve some action that the user can take the next step or land on the other page by clicking on the link. To bring traffic to your site, it is important to include CTA, which makes it easy for the user to reach your site and other links. For example, giving discounts or any other details to complete the task on the user’s side can help to create more subscribers.

Wrapping Up:

Video can play a vital role for every company because the audience is more delighted to watch a video rather than to read text content. So if the content of the video is not clear, the audience will not connect to your goal. You can also use video for social platforms.

To promote the best video, you should keep all practices in mind from clear vision to call-to-action. Every step should be analyzed thoroughly and worked upon. If you have any doubts/queries, please mentions them in the comments section and we are ready to help/discuss further.

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