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YouTube ads for beginners: How to advertise on YouTube?

If you are wondering why YouTube, then it is because YouTube is the king of video content. And video content is the trend of now and the future.

Over 2 billion users across countries and ages make YouTube a superpower. And that’s where your audience is too. So, to put it simply, yes, do advertise on YouTube.

There are heavy benefits of advertising on YouTube. First, the number of users YouTube has is immense. They store and know the data like no one else and hence it becomes easier to cater to your target audience. The advertising on YouTube is not static, it keeps changing and so can your ads. Yes, YouTube advertising can be a bit daunting for small businesses, but if you can, then trust me, it's worth it.

Here’s how you can do that.

First thing, we need to understand the different types of YouTube ads.

  • TrueView Ads and TrueView instream Ads that play before or during the video.

  • The non-shippable instream ads.

  • YouTube Bumper Ads

  • Sponsored cards ads that appear within videos as small CTA popup

  • Overlay or Banner ads

  • Display Ads

How to advertise on YouTube?

Depending on your requirements and expectations, YouTube ads can come in handy for multiple purposes. So, decide what is it that you want to achieve through the ads. Is it about creating brand awareness, or do you want to increase sales, or you are launching a new product?

Ascertain what it is that you are targeting here, and then follow the below guidelines to make it happen.

Build brand awareness

Create awareness of your brand among your audience and potential customers. Target the audience who have an interest in similar or your kind of products.

Influence the buyer decision

Create the need for your product and let your customers know why they have to have it. Always back it up with evidence and capitalize on it.

Grow sales

Branch out to your potential audience. Create a never done before strong customer base to increase brand loyalty, which is our next step -- Establishing strong and loyal customer support.

How to launch the advertisement?

Step 1) Upload your video advertisement on YouTube.

Step 2) Create a new campaign using Google ads.

Once you are done launching the video, use it to create a new Google campaign by logging in to your Google ads account. Then select a goal you want to achieve. FYI, there are different types of goal campaigns, just move your mouse around to have a look at them all. Or do a simple Google search around it.

Step 3) Configure your campaign

Here, choose a name for it, set up your budget and dates. Set the networks for your campaign, like where you want your video to appear.

Step 4) Select the people you want to reach by filtering the data.

Step 5) Now choose where you want your ads to pop up and select the campaign/ marketing video.

Step 6) Now, select your video advertisement format, which we discussed at the start. Make sure to add your relevant details, and you are done.

Majin Films, which has been well-known video production brand, does not just specialise in making YouTube videos which cater to a variety of industries, but also helps you in positioning your videos on YouTube strategically that helps you gain more traction and generate revenues.

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