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Social Video Advertising

One of the most common ways to reach online consumers is through video advertising. This type of advertising will dominate the next decade. As experts in the video advertising sector, we can tell you that now is a great moment for marketers to learn more about video ads and see how it can transform their reach and overall campaign efficacy.

Video advertising brings:


Number of unique views, increase in brand recall or familiarity, and percentage of conversations about the brand.


The percentage of users who visit a site for the first time and those who visit after clicking on a link in a video.

Lead generation

The number of conversions, the cost per lead on video channels versus non-video channels, and the overall conversion rate are all factors to consider.


The average amount spent and the number of purchases made as a result of a link or promo code given in a video ad.

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The Evolution

Due to the well-known inadequacies of display ads, marketers were forced to explore more options. As a result of this transition, video ads became popular as a means of increasing:




According to Forbes, when a web page features videos, the average internet user spends 88 % more time on it than when it doesn't. Conversions increase by 86% when video is used on a landing page, says a study

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Advantages of Video Ads

Users are more inclined to watch video content, and when they do, brand awareness increases.

  1. Video advertising is also shareable and expands reach. 

  2. Videos transmit a lot of information in less time. 

  3. Video content’s longevity is eternal as compared to printed content.

  4. Video advertising contains a greater number of relevant features.

The 5G network will make video ads even more advantageous, which is just another reason to incorporate video-based advertising into your marketing mix right now. 

Whether you're a small firm or a large corporation, you need to stand out in the crowd. That's how you survive!

Think about this:

  • Have you always wanted to increase your sales and get a top-ranking?

  • Do you also want to have a bigger influence on your customers? 

  • Do you want to use interactive banners, films, or motion graphics to improve your marketing engagement?

If the answer to these major questions is YES, then you are on the right track! Marketing through films can be quite beneficial to business owners because videos not only inform your target customers about your brand but also give your project a polished look.​

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Film Set

What we accomplish for you?

Our designers develop a video to explain your brand to people while keeping you competitive in the market.

We make video content search engine-friendly which improves your brand’s reach manifold.

We assist you in creating fascinating movies that will stimulate your customers, whether you are a startup, an individual, or a well-established company.

We will assist you to go ahead of your competitors by providing a visual motion to your project.

In other words we bring your Work into Life!

So, if you want to reach out to your target audiences with new, exciting ideas, fill out the form and get ready to give your company wings to fly.

Social Video Advertising: Services

Advantages of Video Ads

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