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How to Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails

First impression is the last impression. YouTube thumbnails are the best example of this phrase in the digital world. It is the first impression of your brand to the audience. The thumbnail of your video is an important component of the overall optimization. You can rank high in search results, but if you don't receive clicks, your efforts will be for nothing. Therefore, create eye-catching thumbnails and it will attract more visitors to your videos.

The next question is—How do we create a catchy YouTube Thumbnail?

First, pick the right size

Your thumbnail image should be 1280 x 720 pixels in size, with a minimum width of 640 pixels, according to YouTube's requirements. A 16:9 aspect ratio is appropriate because it is commonly used in YouTube players and previews so that it is responsive to each type of device. Preferably use a larger image that can be scaled down. Keep the file size within the 2MB limit.

Use a high-quality photo for the background

The most vital component in a thumbnail is it's quality. The better the quality, the more attractive a thumbnail looks. The viewers judge the quality of a video through its thumbnail, therefore it's important to use quality images in the background.

It should give a clear glimpse of what the video is going to offer, so it will attract the relevant audience. For instance, a travel photographer’s thumbnail background would be something people of related professions will instantly connect with.

If you need free stock photos, many design apps offer a fair collection. Then there are apps like Snappa, which offer thousands of royalty-free images.

Add text in the thumbnail

Capture that fundamental idea in a captivating title to trigger the interest of individuals who will see your video. Apple, for example, uses text heads in their thumbnails to convey context that isn't immediately apparent. Text brings certainty to the content.

Choose font accordingly

It's critical to familiarise your audience with your brand and content at all times. Keeping your thumbnails consistent with the same style fonts, memorable colours, and a powerful design is an excellent way to do this.

Make sure the font personality reflects your company's identity. Something that is simple and clear to read at a glance. The objective is to communicate as soon as possible.

Generate curiosity

Keep your thumbnail vague enough to serve as a preview for your video. This will create curiosity in the minds of your target audience and they will go inside the video to discover the idea.

As a thumbnail is supposed to provide context, using an image that doesn't represent what's in the movie will hurt your purpose rather than helping you. Create your thumbnail around the most crucial portion or section of your video. Make it clickable.

YouTube will offer you options to set a frame from your uploaded video while uploading it. Pause there for a second and think about it. Is it appealing enough to freeze your audience?

Majin Films’ seasoned video experts regularly provide consultation on various aspects of YouTube videos to people of several industries. We also offer a complete range of customised services, including making and promoting videos for its customers.

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