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Why Instagram videos are best to promote start-ups?

Instagram videos have turned out to be the most efficient kind of engagement for small businesses. And that's exactly what we need as a small business owner. Engagement with our customers.

Here's why you should make Instagram videos

The importance of videos, especially on Instagram, has been streaming high on social media. That's something we should use in our favor. The emergence of various technologies and features has decreased our attention span. Customers now would rather watch a video explaining various features of a product than read about it.

Also, videos provide you with an extra mileage, a chance to make leave an impact on your customers. People want things faster. A 15-second video, therefore, can do what a long-form text can’t. Let your videos do the talking.

Instagram is now an ecosystem that has a wide audience. It is now a big hub, from big companies to influencers to even politicians. From people in their 70s to people in their early teens, everyone is there.

In 2019, Statista reported that users spent at least 50% of their screen time watching videos. Meaning, all these people are there to watch your videos.

Do you know that binging on Instagram videos has increased by 80%? Not for nothing that Even big brands such as Dove and Gopro use Instagram Videos’ feature to boost their brand visibility through dynamic engagement. They launch healthy initiatives that naturally make people follow them.

Buzzfeed launched one of the world’s largest food networks Tasty, which was primarily based on videos. They make tiny food videos which are hoarding millions of views, massively increasing Tasty’s popularity.

Over a billion people of different, tastes, cultures, and needs use Instagram each day. The situation is simple. Your to-be customers are now on Instagram and hence now you have to be there too.

However, it’s not all that easy as it sounds. How will my customers find my small business among the thousands of business handles already on Instagram. How will I convince them to buy my product?

The answer is: Through VIDEOS.

Make videos about the product/service you offer, and let people find you. Don’t worry, you don’t need smooth cinematography skills or high resolution cameras to make these videos. A smartphone, a little creativity, and a lot of passion will do the job.

Many small businesses are already taking advantage of Instagram videos and are performing really well. Now, it's your turn.

Simple home-based bakeries have used the power of videos to earn customers by generating thousands of views and multiple orders every single day. Have you heard of Atul Bakery or Scrunchies by Sakshi as big brands. You don’t even know the names. But, they are making a lot of business from Instagram.

Options for Instagram videos

Insta is no more a teenagers’ pastime. It’s a serious business. You can use Instagram videos in multiple ways.

1. Feed videos - The oldest form where you can post any of video of certain length.

2. IGTV – A long-form video uploading option.

3. Reels -- Instagram's latest and trending 5-60 seconds video format.

4. Instagram Live - Lets you to video stream from your phone.

5. Stories – These are like status that last for 24 hours and can also be turned into highlights.

6. Advertisements - are videos specifically made or used for advertisements.

Once you start making videos, you will understand how numerous the ways and topics that you can deal with, such as:

1) Introduction of your product/service

2) Behind the scene videos

3) Listicles

4) Customer reviews

5) Product related Q&A

6) Live streaming

7) Special announcements and product launches

8) ‘How To’ videos

Smart marketing has always been about engaging your customers, creating trust, and providing them a value. Videos help you do that effectively.

It might feel like a little daunting when you begin, but if enjoy interacting with your audience, keep your eyes and ears open to find out their precise reqirements, your videos will automatically gain substance.

In cases you are struggling to decide on the topic or execution of videos, we are always here to help you. And, with 15 years of video-making experience behind us, we promise to boost your small business with videos that bring guaranteed engagement.

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