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4 Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time

Watch time is the primary analysis factor that affects the popularity of a channel. Youtube is highly likely to suggest channels with higher watch time in search results and recommendations. So, your channel needs to maintain a good watch time.

Let’s see the elements of a YouTube video that will get you a better watch time….

  1. Title & thumbnails

  2. Content-based on youtube keywords

  3. Good introduction

  4. Structured Playlists

  5. Cards

Titles and thumbnails

Titles and thumbnails are primary triggers that prompt the viewers to watch your videos. Captivating thumbnails and titles draw a larger number of viewers. The image chosen should be intriguing enough to compel the users to watch the content. It should accurately reflect the content of the video. Misleading images and titles may disappoint viewers.

To analyse the effectiveness of your thumbnails and titles, look at your audience retention reports. If a sharp drop is noticed in the first 10-15 seconds, it can be inferred that the video is not delivering on the users’ expectations.

Content-based on YouTube keywords

Video marketing is quite expensive and so you need every possible edge to keep your costs low and your returns high. Keyword research plays a major role here as it addresses the gap that isn’t already catered to by your competitors. Keywords can be found using tools such as Kparser, Hypersuggest, and Wordtracker.

The most popular keywords are the long-tailed keywords as they have lesser competition and target more qualified leads. YouTube helps you find these keywords. The search suggestions are not random, but they are what the viewers want to see. Using these suggestions as your video topic will help you get a better response.

Good Introduction

Every video should have an introduction in the beginning that is intriguing enough to capture the viewer's attention and should also give an overview of the content to be covered in the video. This helps in retaining the viewers till the end and boosts the watch time.

Structured Playlists

The best way to gain longer viewing is to structure your videos in an interesting sequence of a playlist, that provides your viewers with a hassle-free experience. This helps the viewers access your content easily and in sequence. While using the playlist feature, keep introductions to a minimum as this might bore the viewers. Use the start and end time function to enumerate in and out points for your videos, this will lead to a rich user experience and in turn boost your watch time.

Use Cards

The best tactic to keep your users engaged is to link them to other content on your channel that they might be interested in. Such cards can be used in a number of ways, but they are most effective when added right before the point in the video where the viewers are expected to drop off.

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